The Last Post: So Long and Thanks for Stopping By

Get It Write, the Perseverance Press blog, began in the fall of 2011. For me, that was two jobs and one retirement party ago.

The blog began when several PP authors and I emailed back and forth about the possibility of starting a blog. We got several necessary people onboard: Editor Meredith Phillips and Susan and John Daniel, the guiding lights of Perseverance Press. With the assistance of web guru Sue Trowbridge, of Interbridge, we set up a platform and drew up a blog posting schedule.

I served as administrator, which at times felt like herding cats. However, I really enjoyed working with this group of authors.

We decided we’d blog about whatever came to mind. In my case, I wrote about everything from my writing process, my research, my cats, my ongoing battle with clutter and downsizing, and my experiences serving on the jury for a murder trial. We also did a couple of Round Robin blogs where all the authors would chime in on various subjects.

It’s been interesting, over these past four years, coming up with something to write about once a month. Some months my blog posts would very nearly write themselves. Other months it was a slog to come up with something.

Now Get It Write is at an end. A consensus of the authors involved is that blogging was fun but like many things, it has a shelf life. It’s time for us to move on to other writing projects.

In military tradition, the last post is the bugle call that signifies the end of the day’s activities. It’s also used at military funerals, to honor the service member who has passed on.

This is the last post for the Perseverance Press blog, but you may see the PP authors posting in other locations, on other blogs. And this site will stay live for a time, just in case someone encounters it and enjoys reading what’s there.

Thanks for stopping by this blog. We appreciate it.


5 Responses

  1. Well said. Thanks, Janet, for the herding! Thanks also to the PP authors I’ve enjoyed meeting on this site. And a huge thank you to our readers — I hope you’ll follow us around the blogosphere. A Happy New Year to all.

  2. Thank you, Janet, for housemothering the PP blog crew. The experience was,overall, a pleasure. Who konowscwhat might come up next, but for now, a little rest for the fictionally wicked. Have a lovely 2016.

  3. I started following this blog because I am a Wendy Hornsby fan and friend. But I soon began to read every single blog post and enjoyed them all. I will miss you everyone, my scribbling friends!

  4. Thanks for a lovely Last Post, Janet, in both senses of the word. And thank you again for being the prime mover in this blog. I think we can all be proud. And I’m going to miss it more than I’d’ve expected. Let’s all keep in touch!

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