Another Year, Pffht!

By Wendy Hornsby

How can it be that another year is finished so soon? I was hardly used to writing 2015, and now it has slipped away, like butter off a hot ear of corn. A good year, a terrible year.

This will be my last post on the Getitwrite blog, so I want to tell you about a couple of things coming up in the new year. The big one is, DISTURBING THE DARK, the tenth Maggie MacGowen mystery, will be released by Perseverance Press in April. For the second time, Maggie is in Normandy, discovering skeletons in the family closet when an actual skeleton is unearthed. Seventeen skeletons, in fact. Who were they, and who planted them in her grandmother’s carrot field? This was a fun book to write. There’s adventure, suspense, some mayhem, a soupcon of history, a dash of romance, and some fine French meals. While I’m looking forward to the release of number ten, the big question is, what’s next?


The next thing in the offing is a new book in progress. It isn’t a Maggie MacGowen, and it’s the first book I’ve written since the very first one that wasn’t under contract before I wrote it. Where it will end up is a mystery at the moment. But who doesn’t love a mystery?

So, bye for now. Enjoy the holidays, all of them. And do your best to have a very happy 2016.


2 Responses

  1. Good luck with that new book, Wendy–and a very happy 2016!

  2. And to you and your family, Shelley.

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