A Farewell to Blogs, or A (Last) Shot in the Dark

Happy holidays, whichever you celebrate.  I do the solstice myself.  Be sure to check out Newgrange (Co. Meath, Ireland) on December 21.  Sunlight is supposed to shine along the interior of the passage tomb and hit the back wall at sunrise on the shortest day of the year.

When we began this Perseverance Press blogspot, I had my doubts.  Now I’m convinced of the truth of the English teacher motto:  anybody can write five paragraphs about anything.  I suppose the reverse is also true.  Nobody can write five paragraphs about nothing.

Be that as it may, I somehow passed the fifty blogs mark and only screwed up my appointed time once.  I never did figure out how to import photographs to the text.  Pity.  I had some good ones.  And I never did figure out whether we were supposed to write about creating mysteries or about whatever struck our fancy.  By and large I tried to keep the focus on writing, since my life is not dramatic and I am a rather private person.  However, I enjoyed reading about everyone else’s life.  You will all appear in my next fantasy novel since I have your back stories.

Looking back at all the blogs, I found the variety of styles and responses stimulating.  The quality of the writing was what might be expected of talented professionals, but there were a few disappointments.

Getitwrite was not a news blog.  Even so, more acknowledgement of what was going on in the real world–maybe just in the real world of writing–would have given the blogs greater intensity.  Also, apart from the mostly laudatory comment, there was very little sense of interaction between the writers.  It’s hard to structure that without having to watch the discussion degenerate into a sword fight, but it might be possible to engineer, say, three writers’ responses to the same topic with accompanying comments.  Or each blogger could be asked to comment politely on a specific point made by the previous blogger.  Or a topic could be thrown out for a general melee.  I’m too inexperienced to see the pitfalls here.  There are bound to be some.

I was glad I agreed to participate.  My special thanks to Janet and Meredith for making it happen.


3 Responses

  1. I’ll miss your posts.

  2. You’re not alone in the “can’t figure out how to import pictures” category. Every time I blog I have to lean on my long-suffering husband to do that for me. If he ever divorces me, “cruel and unusual blog postings” could be one of the reasons of record.

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