The past rears its cinematic head

About 30 years ago I was asked to help write a horror movie. I love movies and I like good horror—not just gore, but scary stuff with real characters and something of a plot. How could I turn down that invitation? I’d always wanted to write a screenplay and nobody had ever asked before.

We had three producers and two writers. I don’t remember who came up with the idea or the title–Night Feeder–although I know I had something to do with it.

My fellow writer and I began working on the script and the producers began looking for actors and connected with some special effects people at Industrial Light and Magic, already very well known and local in the East Bay where we all lived at the time.

We had a small budget but lots of energy and hope, and we all liked each other.

We got it written and my job was done. The producers dealt with the casting, the sets, the monster, and everything else. In a couple of months I got my copy of the movie, watched it, noticed that a number of plot points had been changed,  and someone had done some rewriting. But what the hell, I thought. It was fun and not the worst movie I’d ever seen. I stashed my copy somewhere and hoped for the best.

A few months later I heard something vague about the movie being shown or distributed or something somewhere in Europe. That was the last I heard of it.

Until a couple of months ago, when I got a note from one of the producers, along with a tiny check that he asked me to split with the other writer. I found her and sent her the money.

Again, I resigned myself to never hearing anything about it again.

And then, a couple weeks ago, I heard from the creative member of the team, Jody, an artist who still lived in her warehouse studio in the East Bay. Turned out, she said, that the movie had picked up a distributor and a bit of a cult following and there was going to be a screening at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco November 21.

I’m sure there’ll be no red carpet, even though Polly and I are on what Jody calls “The List.” Neither one of us likes driving any distance at night any more, and we live in Petaluma. So we’re going to spend the grocery money on a limo for a no-stress night. I believe in that.

We’d love to see you there. Admission is cheap.



5 Responses

  1. Brava, Shelley! This is so exciting!

  2. Thanks, Tom!

  3. A limo sounds like the perfect way to do it, with a bit of champagne along the way. Enjoy your night in the spotlight! Wish I could be there.

  4. What a hoot! Have fun with your night on the town.

  5. It is indeed a hoot. We’re excited, but there’s always the eternal question–will we stay awake?

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