Sporting things, the Cubs and Doublemint

I’m not a sports fan, although as a prepubescent girl I loved running and skating and biking and baseball. And bowling And roller derby. And as a grownup I love women’s soccer.

I just can’t always appreciate any game that doesn’t include women. Makes me feel left out. One major exception, the ’89 Oakland As. The Bay Bridge World series complete with massive earthquake. They were an incredible team. Too bad Mark McGwire’s  massive shoulders were probably (allegedly?) drug-enhanced.

I might even have been a little in love with Carney Lansford. He reminded me of Errol Flynn, only nicer.

All of that aside (so why is it there at all?)(and why am I using parentheses? I never do that. It’s too cute.), this line of thought has been stimulated by the Cubs actually looking like a winning team this year.

I care about the Cubs because I spent my Twenties, the glorious ‘60s, In Chicago. On the North Side, not far from Wrigley Field. When I left Minneapolis in ’61 the only pro team in town was the Lakers. The name suited a Minneapolis team, but I’ve never liked it for LA.

Wrigley Field seems to have a new name, but I won’t honor that by mentioning it. Wrigley is a Chicago name. The Wrigley mansion sat alongside Lincoln Park. My mother chewed Doublemint.

Polly and I lived across the street from each other close to the park. You didn’t have to be rich, then, to live there.

So I’ve been thinking about the Cubbies. And Chicago. And the ‘60s. I know I can’t go back to the decade, but what about Chicago?






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