The Places I’d Go ….

Lea on Wiscasset town pierLea Wait, here, at home in Maine. A state I’ve always loved, and where I’m constantly amazed that I really am living full-time. And I have been for almost seventeen years now. (Before that I was a “summer complaint,” “from away,” as Mainers would say.)

People vacation in Maine — in the summers and fall and, if they ski, even in the winter.  .

Before I left corporate life (what some might call retiring,) I’d dreamed of taking one month a year, renting an apartment somewhere in the world, and really absorbing that place. England. Scotland, Spain, France. Maybe Japan, or Australia? Even another part of North America would be fun. I love New York City, where I lived years ago. Washington, D.C. Santa Fe. San Francisco.

I have daughters who were born in India and Korea and Thailand and Hong Kong … maybe I’d visit there.

So many options! So many dreams.DSC01258

But – life (and dreams) change. I inherited a wonderful home built in 1774 which needed many, many repairs and updates … I’ve now got a heavy mortgage, and the house needs to be painted again, and there are still several rooms with 19th century wallpaper (literally) hanging off the walls. I’m married, and my husband needs to be in his studio. I have book contracts …something I’ll never complain about, but that require me to be at my computer almost every day. (Three books due in 2015, not counting a couple I’m working on without contracts.) All reasons to stay home.

In the first years my husband and I were married we traveled a bit. Our major trip was to Beirut, Lebanon, where he graduated from high school, followed by a week in Paris, staying with friends . We  went to mystery conferences in Las Vegas and El Paso and Santa Fe and Maryland and Florida and Pittsburgh. Working vacations, where we visited friends and family along the way. We spent New Year’s Eve in Quebec.

But we’re a bit older now, and our savings a bit depleted. Like other couples, we have bills to pay, and obligations to meet.

When I worked for a corporation and was raising my children and caring for my mother, I imagined this time of my life I’d be alone, my days full of time. I’d read; write; run my antique print business. I was afraid I’d be lonely.

Instead, I am married to the guy I’d loved for years. I have readers waiting for my books. No; I don’t travel much. But a glass of wine on a porch overlooking the river tastes as good as one sipped in Paris. Especially when it’s shared with someone you love.

Travel? That would be lovely. But, at least for now, I’ll happily do my traveling through the pages of the books I read. And write.


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  1. From 1988 through about 2011 I clocked hundreds of thousands of miles traveling in Europe or around the US and Canada. At first it was vacations in Western Europe with my spouse (now of 32 years), then it was touring (endless book touring) in the US and eventually it all morphed in the most recent years when I was in Germany doing book tours for my memoir My Germany. I finally burned out and I need a lot of work to gear myself up to want to leave home and go to any airport for any destination. And yet I find myself suddenly studying Swedish because I was asked to co-develop a study abroad program in Sweden starting summer 2016 in which I’d teach Scandinavian Noir and Creative writing. So who knows what other surprises lie ahead…..

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