Power Strips, Spiders, and Cords, Oh My

My office is a small room. One of three bedrooms, two of which were meant to be for children.  The dogs prefer to join us in the master, rather than have their own bedrooms, so one kid room is my office and the second is a library/guest room.

I have a window that looks out onto the driveway and our end of the cul de sac. My computer desk faces it, because I like looking out onto the real world when I’m composing my make-believe one. But it doesn’t actually look out onto anything because for most of the day, the sun blazes in and I’m forced to  keep the blinds closed. So I sit here, facing a solid wall of wooden slats.

For three years. And when I need light, it has to be electric.

Why haven’t I done anything about this dumb state of affairs?

I’m sure I could manage to peel the books and papers and assorted crap off the tops of the desks and bookcases, and move the furniture around to accommodate actual use of the window. But then what would I do? I have two, possibly three power strips and one octopus-like object (spider?) that holds one plug to the back of the computer on one side and four plugs of various kinds on the other side. I have no idea where those wires go. Behind the tall bookcase/desk/ printer shelf thing, where they disappear. There’s another power strip  between that desk and  the one on my right, the roll top whose roll is hidden somewhere in the room. Don’t know where those cords go, either.

And then there’s the power strip under the computer desk. Also stuffed with cords of various colors and thicknesses that wander off behind that desk in the general direction of the tall bookcase etc. Which would have to be emptied entirely to move.

I finally decided that the way to do this is to get my computer guy to come over, unplug everything and then plug it all together again once the furniture is moved. Because I’m sure I would go insane if I tried. So I called him, got an appointment, and started moving stuff off the surfaces. Into the guest room. And then he called me and said he couldn’t make it. He’d thrown his back out and couldn’t drive. Not to mention crawl around on the floor tracking cords and plugs.

So here it all is, a week later, half a mess, half denuded, and still no window.















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