Too Busy?

by Laura Crum


Yes, I have been very busy. I’m a homeschooling mom, I just built a large pond/natural swimming pool, I maintain several horses and a big garden and write a regular bi-weekly blog for Equestrian Ink Blogspot. Not to mention my own current writing projects (none of which are mysteries, I’m afraid). So please accept my apologies for missing my blogging date here last month. I was busy supervising a construction crew. Those of you who have done a major construction project will know how intense the process is. One does not look away—every hour is quite costly.

Ok, that’s my excuse for last month. Today I just forgot, as we are in the process of getting our beef for the year butchered. (We also raise our own grass fed beef.) So what with one thing and another and my two recent failures to get a post up on the blog as per the schedule, I’ve told Merry to feel free to replace me. I wish you all the best. Cheers–Laura


One Response

  1. No, we don’t want to replace Laura! Her busy life is fascinating to read about.

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