Four Months to Go ….

Lea Wait, here …. already counting down the days until my next Shadows Antique Print Mystery hits bookstores and mailboxes.  (That’s early September.) And I know readers are waiting for SHADOWS ON A MAINE CHRISTMAS.  How do I know?  Because they (maybe YOU!) have written to say so.!cid_487CF410-53E3-4F9A-B4E9-3E3180900689

Now,  I love to think my readers are looking forward to my next book. But there’s a special reason readers are looking forward to MAINE CHRISTMAS.

For those of you who haven’t read the series, which began with SHADOWS AT THE FAIR and will be seven books long in September, the series protagonist, antique print dealer and community college professor Maggie Summer, is in her late thirties and hearing her biological clock ticking. She’s been thinking about adoption — adoption of an older child — for several books now. She even has an agency picked out to work with. A room in her house that would be wonderful for a child.

But she has one major problem. Will Brewer, the man in her life, who has become more important to her in each book in the series, doesn’t want to be a father. He’s in his forties, and never wanted to have children. And on top of that, he’s a widower because his wife died because of an ectopic pregnancy. Although he taught high school for some years, and has real insights into the problems of teenagers, Will just doesn’t want to make the changes in his life that would be necessary if he were a parent.  And,  besides, he’s now caring for his great-aunt Nettie. He’s not ready to be part of the sandwich generation.

In the sixth book in the Shadows series (SHADOWS ON A CAPE COD WEDDING) we found out what Maggie’d decided: was she willing to give up her dream of being a mother … or give up Will?

But we didn’t hear Will’s final decision. They agreed to meet one more time … in Maine, for Christmas … to talk it over and try to agree.

I know readers weren’t happy …. wait for another book??? They wrote to me, complaining that this personal cliffhanger was not fun at all!

I got the message. No more cliff hangers. In SHADOWS ON A MAINE CHRISTMAS the future of Maggie and Will’s relationship will be set, one way or the other.

But, of course, before that happens there’s Christmas to celebrate. And then there’s the issue of Aunt Nettie’s elderly friend who has Alzheimer’s and sometimes talks a bit too much about the past. And past secrets.

Could there be a connection between her and the woman whose body is found Christmas morning? Secrets are hidden behind more than one wreathed door in Weymouth, Maine.

Luckily, Maggie is there to sort it all out. And, this time …. when she heads back to her home in New Jersey after New Year’s … she’ll know a lot more about the direction her life is taking. And so will my readers.

If you want to be one of the first to know what happens …. you can pre-order SHADOWS ON A MAINE CHRISTMAS now. Four months to go, and counting down the days …



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