Storm Warning

Wendy Hornsby

Sorry to post so late this morning, but our power went out overnight.  We’re having the most delicious storm.  The racket of it would do any Hollywood special effects man proud:  thunder, lightning, wind moaning through the trees, pounding rain.  My apologies to folks in the East who have suffered, are suffering, through what must seem like endless winter, but we haven’t had much of a winter at all this year, so I plan to stay indoors today and savor this rare miserable day.       

There is plenty to do inside.  Maybe I should just say that there is always plenty to do; I never thought that in retirement I’d be so busy.  It’s good busy, though, now that I no longer have to get up every morning and go to work.  I still work, but now my commute is downstairs to my office, where the dress code is PJs if I feel it, or out to the yard to work in the garden.  About every second day my husband invites me to go for a ramble in the car, to explore our new neighborhood in the California Gold Rush country, and I never say no.

For many years, I planned for, dreamed of, longed for having this luxury of time and the freedom to spend as I choose.  Included in that plan was a series of projects all neatly lined up in order.  First, the next Maggie MacGowen mystery.  Her ninth adventure, The Color of Light, arrives in April from Perseverance Press and I have been working on her next adventure; I always want to know what happens next in her life.  When that’s finished, according to the plan I will finally write The Big Historical Novel, followed by a stand-alone mystery, with intermittent showers of short stories along the way. 


But, now that I’m here, in a new place both geographically and mentally, I’m rethinking the grand old plan.  This new place is rich with new story material to plumb.  Maybe the projects that have been waiting at the back of the queue can just wait a little longer.  Maybe they will never get to the front of the line because something more interesting just might come along.

So much to think about.  In the meantime, we’re gearing up for the launch of The Color of Light, excited, as always, when there is a new book. 

I wonder what Maggie MacGowen might get up to in the Gold Rush country….


One Response

  1. A sage philosophy: “something more interesting might come along”–so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get around to everything you want to do! Yes! And what a gorgeous cover! That’ll bring sunshine into your life after the storm.
    PS: Snowing again here in Vermont..temperature in the teens. Well, maybe warmer weather will come along…

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