by Laura Crum

I often hear want-to-be writers ask what inspires an author to start a novel and (finally) finish it. To me, these are two different things. Inspiration is what gets me started writing, and perseverance (the company is so aptly named) and a deadline are what enable me to finish a book. As for what inspires me, that’s simple. All of my books have been inspired by the beauty of the world in its various forms. Landscape, weather, plants, animals, architecture and people all inspire me. Obviously horses, and their particular beauty, have been a huge inspiration in both my life and my fiction. But many other things have played a part, as well. Lately I’ve been recording the things that currently inspire me to write in photos. And since I’m sure you are all tired of my horseback photos, here are some more examples of my inspiration.

My husband surveying his begonia fields.


A buck behind my house.


The new moon in the old moon’s arms. This moon is also called “the Crone’s Moon,” and this particular shot was taken from my porch showing the very last moon of 2013, holding the first moon of 2014.


Entering Hakone Gardens–the oldest Japanese garden in the western hemisphere.


Hummingbird at the feeder my son gave me for Xmas (made out of an antique red glass bottle).


January sunrise from my front porch.


So this is what inspires me to write. I’d love to hear what inspires you. Cheers–Laura


2 Responses

  1. Laura:
    Lovely piece, and lovely inspirations. Mine? Guilt, mostly. Plus, word-carpentry continues to challenge me.

  2. That is interesting, Tom. I definitely shared those motivations for many years. And now, now I’m not sure what happened to my work ethic, or whatever skill with words I once had. I continue to work sporadically on my memoir, but writing doesn’t draw me as much as it used to. I’m not sure hy.

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