Reflect and Resolve

So 2013 is history and 2014 has begun. This early in January, I reflect on the year that has just passed.

As Stephen Sondheim puts it in a song from the musical Follies, “I got through all of last year – and I’m here.”

In 2013, I retired from my day job. That’s a big life change and I’m still getting used to it. Although I adjusted fairly quickly to NOT getting up at 4 AM.

I had a serious illness last spring, and recovered. I’m grateful for that, and my continued good health. Sure, I have creaky knees and arthritis in various joints. I admit I’m not getting any younger. But I’m still walking, riding my bike, and looking forward to birding and hiking outings in 2014.

I visited my mother several times during the past year, and she came to be with me, to celebrate my birthday and retirement. Mom will be 90 next summer. I’m thankful she’s still alive at her advanced age, in good health both mentally and physically.

She’s certainly sharp enough to beat me at Scrabble most of the time. Though I must trumpet the fact that I won a game during the Christmas holidays. Okay, so it was one game out of four, but at least I won. We won’t talk about that last match when she had the 50-plus point advantage.

I reflect on my good friends. I don’t call them old friends, but friends of long standing. One I’ve known since high school, and another since my Navy days. Others are just as dear to me, no matter how long I’ve known them.

As for the resolve part of the title, I long ago gave up the notion of New Year’s resolutions.

I hereby resolve to do this, that, or the other thing? Come on, how many of you have ever followed through with those vows?

Short term goals are better, I’ve found. Accomplishing a task seems to happen if I break it into easily digestible bits. Like working on getting rid of five pounds, instead of vowing to shed 25 pounds by next month. Or cleaning one drawer instead of the whole room.

But sometimes I have trouble getting started. Right now, I’m having trouble getting back into my writing routine. The novel’s not coming along today, so I’ve turned my attention to this blog post.

Perhaps that will prime the pump, so to speak. Or perhaps a walk along the beach is what I really need, time to mull over where I’m going with this plot and those characters.

Hooray for a new year, a clean slate to write on. Now I have time to write, sew, work in the garden, finally clean off those two shelves at the top of the closet in my office.

Hmm, that’s quite a list of things to do. What were we saying about New Year’s resolutions?


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