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Happy 2014

Susan and I spent the Christmas holiday with family Las Vegas, as we do every year. It was a joyful occasion full of the usual gathering of grown children, ex-spouses, neighbors, in-laws, a teenaged granddaughter, wonderful food (Susan and both her sons are fine cooks), much drink, lots of laughs.

We enjoyed another annual tradition to celebrate New Year’s Eve. We stayed home and ate fresh locally caught Dungeness crab for dinner. As tasty as always. Our cat, Warren, as usual, demanded and received more than his fair share.

This is the season for reflections and resolutions. I’ve done a bit of reflecting and resolving, but it seems to me that these are private matters, too opinionated, pompous, preachy, and surely too boring to broadcast. So instead,

To my writing friends, I wish you joy in your craft. To anyone who reads these words or doesn’t, I indiscriminately wish you a  joyous, productive, and peaceful New Year.


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