Beginning A New Series

Lea Wait, here, and, yes, within the next week or so (after I finish editing Shadows on a Maine Christmas, which will be published a year from now,) I’ll be starting to write the first book of a new series.

And I’ll admit I’m nervous.

It isn’t as though the book won’t find a home. I already have a contract with Kensington for a three-book series. It isn’t as though I’ve never done this before. My Shadows Antique Print Mystery series was nominated for an Agatha, and I’ve written seven books in the series.

It’s not even as though I have no ideas for this new book, or series. To get the contract I wrote a synopsis of all three books currently contracted, and about thirty pages of the first book. It even has a (tentative) name: Time’s Tangled Threads. It has a location (Haven Harbor, Maine, somewhere near Cabot Cove.) It has a protagonist (Angie Curtis, age 28.) And her partner (her grandmother, Estelle, age 64.) It has a background thread …. stitchery, especially needlepoint (Angie and Estelle create custom needlepoint and appraise and preserve antique stitchery.)

It even has a beginning …

“The day had already been the sort you want to drown in a cold beer or a bubble bath. Preferably both. And that was before I heard Gram’s voice, loud and clear as always, coming from my “missed messages.”

“Angel, it’s time to come home. They’ve found your mama.”

No one in Arizona called me “Angel.”

So — why am I nervous?  Because beginning a new book (especially one that’s the start of a new series) is fraught with decisions.  I haven’t decided yet … what month is it?  What’s the time span of the book? How much time will have passed between this book and the next in the series? How much romance will there be? How many suspects will there be who might be responsible for the two murders I plan to include?

I’ve done most of the necessary research. I have ideas. I’m planning to attend a party I know will be filled with new people.  I have my invitation. I have my dress. But I don’t know the people who will be there. And it’s going to be a long party.

Yes, I’m looking forward to going. I’m hopeful I’ll have a wonderful time.

And I hope you’ll be there with me, when Time’s Tangled Threads is published in a little over a year.

But in the meantime … I have to open the door to that party, and walk in.

And opening a new door is both exciting and scary. I don’t know what will be on the other side.

But I’m ready to turn that door knob. I hope my readers will come along with me …


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  1. Good luck with the new gig, Lea. I love the opening!

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