Conspiracy and asking why


I’ve  had a hard time wrapping my mind around what’s been going on politically. I think most of us have. Because it was beyond belief.

Extortion has always been part of our political system. LBJ, they said, knew how to “twist arms.” The difference—American politicians in the past did it in secret. They wrangled and they twisted and the public never got to see it going on. We just saw the results. I prefer it that way. What we’ve been watching for the past few weeks was a show. An ugly burlesque. Public displays of stolen power and cowardice. Not even a veneer of civilization. A deliberate and open attempt to bring down the president and the country with him. And nobody seems to be asking why. As writers, I think it’s our obligation to always look for the answer to that.

The pundits have been talking a lot about how the actions of these tea party anarchists were making the republican party look bad. The polls seem to agree with that. And as of Wednesday, anyway, they were saying they’d lost the battle. Well yeah, and that’s a relief. We still have our social security and our Medicare. For now.

But the people behind this are not going to give up. Some of their public faces may lose elections next time around. Ted Cruz is mean and ambitious but he’s no genius, and most of the other elected tea bags are just plain dumb. The Heritage people and the Kochs—they’ve got all the time and all the money in the world. It seems obvious to me that what they’re trying for is a return to a system of masters and serfs. All they have to do is get rid of the middle class. They already have most of the money and a lot of the power. Send the U.S. economy into free fall and it’s up for grabs. Like it was in Germany before World War II. Like it almost was during the Great Depression.

Ask why. Look behind the curtain and see who the wizard really is and what he has in mind for us. I suspect the pundits are afraid they’ll be accused of  being conspiracy theorists. That’s been the cause of this whole mess. Fear, and the ability to create it.

So don’t be afraid.




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