Doing The Stomp

I was hoping that by the time you read this the Gang of Nine would  have released the decision they’ve been holding so close to their black robes.

But no. Do they think we’ll be angry?

Why would they think a thing like that? Just because we’ve been waiting a lifetime?

I hope that’s not what’s going on. I hope they’re afraid of the mob that might form if we get the right to marry.

We’ve already ordered the cake. And the jazz trio. And the Marryin’ Sam (his name is really Jim–A fellow writer known and loved by all). We’ve designed our wedding outfits, and neither one of us is wearing a gown or a tux.

We will both stomp the wineglasses.

I’ve been doing research. Whenever I’ve gone to a Jewish wedding, and I’ve been to a few–Sister, cousin, niece, nephew and others– I loved the ritual of smashing the wine glass underfoot. The men got to do it. How cool, I thought. I would love to do that. I remember at one of those early weddings asking what the ritual was about.  I got too many answers. I think there’s an answer for every Jew.

Then I stopped caring. But now I care again. So I’ve been looking it up. Again, too many opinions. It commemorates the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. It symbolizes the breaking of the hymen. It serves to remind that at the height of joy, life can bring pain. I didn’t much like those answers. I looked further. There’s a story, from Eastern Europe of course, that the guests at a wedding got too drunk and boisterous and the rabbi got pissed off and broke a vase to shut them up. I like that one. I can see where, if that was the origin, everyone would rush to make up tragic and noble explanations.

But what’s that got to do with us? Polly has a reason I like: those glasses can never again be used to celebrate anything so wonderful, so we might as well break them. I have another one: they represent our last glasses of wine as unmarried women. 

Whichever reason we use—and why not both?—I can only hope that the court does the right thing and we’ll be stomping wine glasses to shrieks of “Mazel Tov!” when the time comes.



8 Responses

  1. I want to see these wedding pictures!

  2. Hope you get your wish, Shelley.

    Margaret Franson

  3. Your blog coincided to the day with the fifth anniversary of two very dear friends of mine who were married during that brief period when the CA Supreme Court gave the okay. I hope, like them, you’ll be “doing the stomp” very soon.

  4. Without you as mentor and Shelley’s gang, I would never ever have managed to do all the writing I’ve done. With millions of thanks and best wishes, stomp these glasses and celebrate. Congratulations!

    • Thank you, Sophie! How nice to see a member of my ongoing gang here. I appreciate it.

  5. Oh, gals, I am so celebrating with you today! WONDERFUL NEWS FROM SCOTUS–DOMA struck down!

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