Healing & Feminine Power by Denise C. Osborne

What I’ve learned in the 7 years since my last book, Evil Intentions, was published by Perseverance Press, could fill several volumes–and, in fact, does though not in any consolidated forms.  Primarily, I’ve been exploring an area that is largely overlooked or just not considered relevant to our daily professional lives.  And that is healing our inner world.  When we do choose to heal our hurts rather than bottling them up, we listen to the inner voice, the voice of the feminine part of ourselves.

Lack of this daily healing was brought home to me when I became quite ill in 2007.  Having some knowledge of energetic medicine, I knew that all those annoying hurts and frustrations felt since my first book was published in 1994, had gravitated to my midsection, the 3rd Chakra, also referred to in Tai Chi as the Triple Heater.  This area of the body deals with the energies of self-worth, integrity and access to personal power.  Certainly we all encounter negative reactions to our work in one form or another.  One I couldn’t quite get over was having The Feng Shui Mysteries dismissed in some circles as “woo-woo”.  This struck me as regarding the unfamiliar (feng shui)  as supernatural.

“Toughen-up!” friends would advise.  “Don’t read reviews!  It’s all part of publishing,” etc., etc.  On a fundamental level, they were right and I shut up about it all.  In a world where many say they’d give their right arm to be published, it’s off-putting to mention the negative aspects of the profession.  Maybe, I thought, I’m in a profession that’s alien to my nature.  Or I’m just too sensitive–as if sensitivity is a weakness.  Getting sick forced me to rethink my professional life as both a writer and a woman.  Perhaps it was time to find a different code to live by and one not man-made.  So the first thing I did was reread The Chalice and The Blade by Riane Eisler, a remarkable book about the history of women.  When I first read it in 1988, I did little more than get angry that no one had bothered to provide this history when I was growing up.  The one action I did take was to create a female sleuth, Queenie Davilov, who followed the Goddess.  She became the protagonist of my first published mysteries.  What I did not do was bring feminine power into my own professional life.  Rereading the book 9 years later, I determined to use all that angry energy to research the subject more deeply.

As women, our basic nature has been subverted and distorted for millennia.  We are the human creative force on this planet and have been since the beginning of human existence.  When people first looked to a higher power, that power was feminine:  the Great Goddess, the Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine.

Feminine essence exalts love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, equality, human creativity, and awe of nature.  That divinity resides in all humans.  It is the antithesis of greed, competition, punishment, uncontrolled ambition, and war.  Studying ancient Mediterranean civilizations, I discovered peaceful societies overseen by Goddess-loving priestesses in which men and women lived as equals.  (Quite the opposite of familiar God-fearing societies.)  At the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, I saw an exhibition featuring early Cretan art and artifacts, each piece delicately rendered and exhibiting reverence for the natural world and for women and without any references to war.  I found a whole new (to me) literary genre devoted to the Divine Feminine and her power to heal.

This past Thanksgiving, a professional football player known as a quiet man and loving father to his infant daughter, shot and killed the mother of his child and then himself.  This tragedy further underscored the lack of the feminine as healer in so many people’s lives.  Male athletes in particular learn early on to bottle up emotions because to do otherwise is considered “sissy” (a clear female reference and a negative one).

To truly “toughen up”, we need to recognize and use our powerful feminine instincts.  Instead of allowing emotional pain to build up in our very tissue, put the hurt in a bubble of brilliant white light and let it go out into the Universe.  Negative words and thoughts from others  and those self-generated need to be quickly sent packing.  Find a method that works for you.  Daily practice with gratitude for all life results in persistent good health!

Our inner life is fully operational 24/7 and affects our health as much and sometimes more than any other factor.  On this 7 year journey, I came to realize that my chosen profession didn’t matter.  I’m still writing.  What does matter is the finding and daily use of my own feminine power and based on this power, the creation of a personal code.  To learn more about how thought informs health, check out Energy Anatomy by Carolyn Myss available on audio cassette.

Finally, given that this blog appears on Christmas Eve, a seasonable message follows:  Honor Mother Mary.  She was far more than a convenient womb from which Jesus emerged.

The Divine Feminine in me honors the Divine Feminine in you!          —Denise Osborne


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