What My Books Are Really About

by Laura Crum

Yes, of course my books, like the books of the other authors on this site, are mysteries, of a fairly classic sort. My amateur sleuth is an equine veterinarian who, predictably, finds a body a year. (Cabot Cove syndrome—would you want this woman coming out to your barn on a call?) I try to keep the stories fast-paced and entertaining, and I strive for a surprising who-dun-it (don’t we all). But that’s not really what I’m writing about.

I write because I want to bring to life that amazing part of the world where I live, and the magical interactions I’ve had with horses, those almost mythical beasts who have thrilled most of us at one time or another. So today, I’d like to show you, rather than tell you, what my books are really about.
This image captures the life my protagonist leads more vividly than all my words. The world from the back of a horse, and the magic to be found there. Especially if you live on the California coast.
And yes there is drama, and epic horseback chase scenes and such, certainly, and people die in my books. Well, they have to, that’s the genre. But that isn’t the part I enjoy writing. Call me whatever you like, but I like writing the “tame” passages, describing the beauty and wonder in the world. (And yes, one Amazon review said that I too often departed into describing the landscape..etc, which I totally understand. You can’t please everybody.)
For those of you who have no interest in animals or the natural world, don’t bother with these books. You won’t like them. But if you like mysteries, and take any kind of delight in living creatures and the wonders of nature, I think you will find we have something in common.
Wishing everybody a peaceful, joyful holiday season. May the only mayhem to come your way be in the mystery novel that you’re reading.


2 Responses

  1. Ears forward, facing out to the edge of the world and whatever lies beyond. Riding a horse lets you see so much farther! Thanks for the photo.

  2. Thanks, Nikki. I loved your comment. Well put.

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