So many good things

There have been scary elections before. Nothing like this one. Not even Nixon’s run back in the’70s. You know, the Watergate election?

I know–you’re sick to death of it. The endless rehashing. But I’m still celebrating, and I want to talk about celebration.  Look at what we did. The republicans are stunned. I’m stunned. Stunned by the good sense of the voters. Proud of the country. The Objectivists–Paul Ryan’s nasty little bunch–didn’t get a toehold in our government. Didn’t get a chance to push Romney aside, one way or another, and impose their superman crap on us. Poor supermen. So put upon by their inferiors. If you don’t know who and what these people are, look into it and breathe a giant sigh of relief. They are absolutely ruthless. If they’d gotten power it would have been a case of Atlas Shrugging.

The Atlases we elected won’t shrug. Their real moral core won’t let them.

And speaking of morality, mean-spirited stupidity lost big. I can now get married in more states. Of course, I’m holding my breath for the supreme court to rule on the topic of marriage equality, but it sure looks like things are going the way of generosity and love and intelligence.

My sister wanted to be sure that I’d noticed that “Minnesota has its heart in the right place.” My sweetie and I reminisced about Chicago in the Sixties–not the fun, bell-bottomed Sixties but the time when we could be arresteds for holding hands, taken to jail for dancing together. Good times, eh? We still find the changes unbelievable. But we can believe them now.

So many good things happened in this election. Always happy to find out once again that this really is my country.





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  1. Right there with you, sister!

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