Ooops. Life Flies

When life flies out of control, is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Too busy? Not busy enough?

So busy or possibly just so scattered I forget it’s my day to blog. Sorry.

Too many choices, like having to decide between leftovers: a slice of pizza or clam sauce spaghetti or chicken soup for lunch.

I had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago and it’s amazing how much of my work time is now taken up with visits to docs and physical therapists. I took a couple days off for recuperation and  have never caught up. My double yellow Beetle lies dead in the driveway, unstarted for months. Maybe today I’ll call AAA.  I have two full manuscripts and bits of others to critique, and  my busiest class starting again in a week. And an ebook scan of the first Jake Samson book sitting unproofed and therefore unsent to the publisher and therefore un-E-ed.

What’s a woman to do? We split the pizza and spaghetti, but the other stuff just doesn’t split like leftovers.

I’m not bad at prioritizing. I am, however, bad at working 24 hours a day. Or even 12. Turn down work? Sure. Have you seen the price of groceries? The price of the kind of help you need around the house when one of you has no knee and the other has no shoulder?

But there’s a huge bright side to all this. Even though I’m part of the 47 percent, my dependence on government goes no further than the social security I’ve paid into for decades.  And I’m still paying income taxes. That’s a thrill.

Even better, I’m not dependent on Sheldon Adelson.


5 Responses

  1. I try not to whine when I don’t even have time for a TV movie. (But see, there’s a whine.) In general, I think of myself as lucky to still be able to do a lot of things, to have many commitments.

    I remember when I would have given anything to be able to say, “Oh, no, the galleys for my December release came today and the deadline for my next manuscript is only a couple of weeks away.” It helps.

  2. Wish I didn’t understand what you’re talking about.

    Fact is, a couple of days off don’t begin to touch what you’re going through, and one way or another, you have to figure out what to let slide–or negotiate your way around–or give up altogether, at least for a while. It’s easier if you can plan ahead, but sometimes you just don’t have any idea what you’re in for until you’re stuck with it.

    In our town, you might qualify for Meals on Wheels for a little while. Worth asking about, anyway. Then, when you’re fully recovered and you and the Beetle are back on the road, you might find some time to volunteer to deliver them to someone else.

  3. I really like your attitude, Shelley. When life throws a pile of turds at you (I’ve been there), just write it all out, and then move on.

  4. Love the political dig at the end.

  5. thanks. how could I resist?

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