by Laura Crum

As most of you know, my most recent novel, Barnstorming, is the last in my mystery series featuring equine veterinarian Gail McCarthy. I began the series with the intent to write twelve books, and I think I will let that goal stand. The cover of Barnstorming is by Peter Thorpe, who did most of my covers, and I’m very happy with it. Barnstorming is a fitting end to the series. (I meant to add the cover image here, but WordPress won’t let me for some reason–oh well.)

I’m also proud to say that my first eight novels, which were out of print for many years, are now available on Kindle. For any readers who would like to try these books, they are currently priced at 99 cents. This will change in October, when there will be a new pricing structure. So if you have any interest in exploring my early books, now is the time.

And finally, I have decided what my next writing project will be (and no, Merry, I’m not expecting that you will want to publish it!). I have lately mostly been reading memoirs, and enjoying them very much. “Memoirs of a Fox Hunting Man” certainly touched me, and currently Agatha Christie’s autobiography and her lovely memoir, “Come Tell Me How You Live” are really resonating. I do believe that my next project will be a memoir of my life spent on ranches and horse packing in the mountains, as well as training young horses. I met some colorful characters along the way, both human and equine, and it will be fun to recall them.
So that’s my news, slight as it is. I hope you all are enjoying the writing life.


6 Responses

  1. Bravo, Laura, and good luck with the memoir. Now, I’m off to my Kindle…

    • Why thank you, Sheila. Having just come up with the memoir as next project, I haven’t yet written a word. But I have known for awhile that I was done writing mysteries and wondered what would come next. And now I think I know.

  2. Laura, I took the liberty of editing your post so the cover showed up. Not sure what the problem was, but it had been uploaded properly, so it was in the media library…

  3. Thanks so much, Sue!

  4. Laura, I’m coming late to this (seems I’m always behind of late)–and I’m happy to hear that you’ll do a memoir. I think everyone should write a memoir–for one’s descendants as well as for oneself. To sort of look back and figure out the why and how of one’s life. I did one about ten years ago that my kids said was mostly fiction, and I’ll admit I took the brighter, funnier times of my life to relate. Next time I’ll tell it all–good and bad. So good luck with yours. I’m sure you’ll have fun!

    • Thanks, Nancy–I will admit, I am writing this memoir mostly for myself and my son. I think I will enjoy the freedom from having to come up with a plot (!)

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