Summer Fun

by Laura Crum

We’ve been having a fun summer—with horses. I guess its no surprise that my summer vacation has been as horse themed as my books—I write of what I know. But yes, this year we hauled our horses to the Sierra Nevada Mountains for a camping/riding trip.
I fed at dawn.


Out for an early morning ride—tiny horsemen in a big landscape.

We rode to this lake.

My family in the mountains.

Our horses have an appropriately Olympic color scheme, don’t you think? Gold, silver and copper.

Once we got home, we took a friend horseback riding in the fields where my husband grows begonias. Colorful, no?

We do have other animals besides horses. Our little dog, Star, running the furrows in the begonia fields.

And then there are the wild critters. My son spotted this baby bobcat not six feet outside our window—the photo was taken through the glass.

This is the second year that a mama bobcat has raised her babies behind my barn. Its fun to see the kittens, but the whole process is a little hard on my chickens. Still, worth it, don’t you think?

And the chickens are surviving—I just keep them locked in the run while the kittens are growing up. Our banties are good mothers.

Lots of plums from our Santa Rosa tree.

Apples from the Gravenstein tree are ripe in August.

Many green beans in the veggie garden.

Dahlia and yarrow from the garden.

Hope you enjoyed this photo post—an illustration of the life I both write about and live. They do say a picture is worth a thousand words, though as writers, we don’t like to believe this. What do you think?


3 Responses

  1. Wonderful pictures, Laura! The begonia fields leave me in awe. The only farm as pretty as this that I can remember was a very different one–fields of asparagus, after they’d stopped harvesting and let them turn to ferns to feed the plants for the next year.

    As for your apples and plums and green beans and such, they make me glad it’s almost time to eat lunch. My son would reach for a paintbrush–I’ll have to show them to him.


    • Thanks Sara. I love taking pretty photos–as much as I like describing such things in words. Description has always been my favorite part of writing. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t describe the begonias fields in words though–at least not effectively.

  2. Are you on instagram! If so can you post your horse picture and tag it #bigstronghorsebutts ? We are getting some great shots there and contests. Btw I love your blog and love of God!

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