Why I Have Nothing to Say

I was wondering what I was going to blog about this week when I realized I had nothing to say. I found that hard to believe. Anyone who knows me knows I’m never without an opinion about something.

 Not my fault. It’s the world’s fault. Things have happened that are so wonderful  they strike me dumb. Things I never believed I’d see. And things so awful I thought I’d never see them again. It’s incredibly terrific that a U.S. President says endorsing gay marriage is the right thing to do. What can I say about that? A real Christian talking about real morality.

 But then there are the things so awful I thought I’d never see them again. The right-wing big-government—as long as it’s a fascist government—freaks have come back to preach patriotism while they work to destroy the country. Joe McCarthy has returned. The House UnAmerican Activities Committee so long gone has re-emerged in the un-American activities of the Republican radicals.

 I know what they look like. When I was a college editor back in the olden days, I wrote an editorial they didn’t like and they sent one of their lackeys to investigate me. We laughed at him and he went away. And then the Sixties came crashing in and changed everything forever. We thought.

Now the mean-spirited and just plain dumb are scratching for power because the uppity women and the uppity lesbians and gays took all that equal rights stuff seriously. They use the word “freedom” to mean power for the few. And they use the words “The American People” to mean their kind of people and no one else. They hope Americans without health insurance will go away and die  and they hope the  economy will fail.

Traitors. UnAmericans

And look who’s running for President. A vapid high-school bully who actually says “ha-ha” when he laughs.   

 A  thief who stole companies and jobs and self-respect and giggled all the way to the bank.

 I suddenly realized why I’m speechless. I’m overjoyed and enraged at the same time.  It’s very confusing.  


4 Responses

  1. Very smart and amusing!

  2. You have a LOT to say here, Shelley! And I share your thoughts one hundred percent. Yay, Obama coming out with truth! Boo, biased bullies. If the Repubs win, God help us, I’m moving to Canada.

  3. I’m working on a similar post… look for it by the end of the week…!

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